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she’s like a rainbow.

May 9, 2012

Today, I did something I never imagined myself doing,– I cast on a shawl for myself. A shawl. Now, i’m not new to this here shawl rodeo, as I have Laura Ingalls obsessed children for whom I’ve made flannel, woven wool and yes, even hand knit shawls, but this time, I cast on for myself. I’ve been wearing a cowl knit from some lovely local alpaca almost every day since October, and wanted something light and spring-y to brighten up the dull, dreary days.(I believe I’ve mentioned the recent relentless rain?) I had been seeing the “oaklet” shawl around the internet, on Ravelry and Pinterest and my interest was piqued.  I had just organized my yarn yesterday and had admired a skein of brightly colored fingering weight I had wound last year and cast on for a pair of soc, a pattern for which the yarn was ill-suited, so I unraveled and put the yarn in storage, casting on the socks in a perfectly-suited-to-the lacy pattern solid brown. Yesterday, I nearly left the skein on my desk to remind myself to look up something special to make with it but decided against it since I had just spent a good chunk of time cleaning and clearing my desk so i packed it away in the yarn armoire with all the other errant, project-less yarn. Then this morning, while perusing Pinterest, the perfect pattern jumped off the screen at me–the oaklet! A shawl! Why not? We did some work together at the table making paper doll Greek gods, read some D’Aulaires  Greek Myths and the big kiddos worked on some math while I cast on. As I sat working on it, I smiled to myself. Never in my life did I imagine myself at 30-something wearing a shawl of any sort. When I was a teenager, I imagined myself a mama, yes, but a hip, urban, edge-y mama with interesting hair and eyeliner and cool shoes, I never imagined I’d spend my days at an old barn wood table, drawing with beeswax crayons and looking like I stepped off the cover of Carole King’s Tapestry or, on a good day, an Incredible String Band album cover. I need a shawl to tuck into my bag for summer days at the beach that stretch into evenings, for evening concerts and firework shows, for covering bare shoulders after too much sun, and as such, I cast on. In rainbow-colored yarn. It’s got to be a reaction to these long gray days, and I think it will look lovely with my mostly black/olive/brown/gray wardrobe, after all, it’s already looking great as I’m clicking away on my rainbow granny shawl with my “still hip, urban and edgey” black fingernails.

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