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consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once

May 14, 2012

The sun came out, and we spent the most perfect spring day in a church auditorium, where the kiddos participated in their ballet performance. If I had to spend a sunny Saturday indoors, it was the perfect way to spend it—the performance was joyful and delightful and all the kiddos were so proud of themselves. There was a party afterwards with far too much sugar and white flour, but the rainbow hued, surup-y, marshmallowy sweetness that permiated the room seemed a perfect  setting for such a gathering. I love watching my children dance!

Sunday was Mother’s Day, and I enjoyed such a delightful day of laziness, sunshine, and indulgence—rare for me since I usually feel guilty over “taking it easy”. I lazed in bed til 8, and while my favorite smoothie was made and delivered to me in bed served in a mason jar with a new stainless steel straw. The kiddos crowded in with beautiful handmade cards in hand for “a taste” of my smoothie and delighted in the sensation of a cold, steel straw and I was grateful that there were four straws total, so we wouldn’t fight over them! My “gift” from papa and the kiddos was a freezer full of breakfast burritos, and they had a loud, messy blast making eggs,  sausage and bacon and shredding cheese, straining salsa and wrapping up several dozen burritos ready for the toaster oven for busy mornings. We also made two dozen smoothie pops for the freezer, and mixed up ingredients for breakfast cookies and portioned them into jars to make 2 dozen-ish breakfast cookies as the need arises. I love a gift that keeps on giving! After the epic breakfast cleanu/graceland dance party, we headed to our friendly nearby urban farm/garden center where we picked up a few herb plants to fill in the front garden and mom’s were treated to a free organic chocolate covered local strawberry—a great marketing ploy, since we ended up buying a quart of the overpriced beauties. We headed home and I spent some time knitting in the sunshine while the kiddos and papa planted and played. We had an al fresco dinner of grilled chicken, asparagus and mushrooms with a quinoa pilaf with strawberries and cream for dessert. We walked around the neighborhood until dark, telling stories, laughing and holding hands, and came home to clean the kitchen, was up, dress for bed and read a story. I had gotten a little bit of sun on my arms and my nose, and we all went to sleep with full bellies and happy hearts.

Today, we woke to rain, again. It was the perfect opportunity to recover from a long weekend of too much sugar and not enough sleep, to stay in pajamas and curl up with some books and crafts, but alas, the kids rousted me from bed shortly after papa left for work, and we had a leisurely breakfast together. We did some Ancient Greek stuff, like reciting praise songs to our favorite gods and goddesses and drawing pictures of Mount Olympus and the Trojan horse. They sketched designs for the red clay urns we plan to make when the sun shines again, and I folded the laundry that didn’t magically fold itself on Mother’s Day. We ate lunch, and then headed to my midwife appoinment, where, for once, I didn’t have to wait for over an hour to be seen. Afterward, we had planned to head to a local herbiary, but the rain really began to fall in earnest and we decided to head home to tea and snacks instead. The kids played dress-up, and I debated keeping them home from their last ballet class because they were so deep in play and because I was feeling lazy and wanted a reprieve from driving in the rain, but we decided to go. It was “dance and share” day, where we get to sit in on the class, so I’m especially glad we went. My fella, especially, had a great time dancing and showing off his ballet knowledge and form, and my heart swelled at the sight of two of my dancers, “unsocialized” homeschoolers, shining in the context of a class that requires all the things a traditional classroom does—discipline, patience, following directions, sharing, encouragement of others(do they require that in traditional schools?) and love of learning. While watching them in their performance brought me joy so great I had tears streaming down my face, watching them in class, interacting with their classmates and teacher, brings me confidence, deep satisfaction and lifts my heart to know they are doing something they love, that brings them joy and challenges and a feeling of accomplishment. Our ride home from class always results in the most fascinating conversations, a time where listening to a book on cd, or singing along with pete seeger or dan zanes is replaced with sharing the nuances of class, and it’s delightful to get to witness their experience, get to know a little bit of the personalities of the children they share stories about, the games they reference and bits of French they pick up. I get to watch my big girl in her class on Thursday and will, for sure, take my camera. I really have to get it together with pictures on here anyway, so this will be a great opportunity.

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